How to be a ground marshal

All teams from Under 8 through to Seniors require adult Ground Marshals to be present and wearing a yellow vest 15 minutes prior to every kickoff.  Below are the main requirements for being a Ground Marshal – you can access more detail in Football Victoria’s handbook.

Pre-Match Checks

  • Ground Marshals must wear a yellow vest and be visible at all times.
  • Check that balls can’t get through the goal nets – particularly the bottom of the side netting.
  • Check that corner flags are safe, correctly placed straight up & down, and not easily knocked or blown over.
  • Ensure there is 4m clearance from the pitch to dangerous objects such as trolleys, ladders, bikes, prams, etc.

Additional pre-match checks for U12-U18 & Seniors

  • Halfway flags to be set 1.5m back from the sideline.
  • At least 6 chairs in each technical area.
  • Stretcher & ice packs to be placed between technical areas just behind the halfway flag
  • Ensure match balls are only used for match play not warm-ups or other general kick around activity.

Welcome the opposing team

  • Introduce yourself to opposition team officials as their point of contact with Sandringham Soccer Club for the match.
  • Ensure they know where to access the referees room, toilets, change rooms, etc.
  • Ensure that they are aware of the Club’s policy that criticism or pointed questioning of referees is is not acceptable.   

Match duties

  • The Ground Marshal must escort the referee from the clubhouse to the pitch and then back again at half-time and again after the match.
  • Keep the exclusion zone (1.5m from the sideline) clear of people (including coaches), bags, dogs, etc.  during the match. Only linespeople are allowed inside and players during an interchange. 
  • Monitor for any unacceptable behaviour and take appropriate action if necessary.
  • Keep the area between the technical areas clear. Only ground marshals allowed.
  • When the spare ball is called for, send someone to retrieve the first ball and bring it back to the halfway flag. If this happens a lot, you can appoint a kid or two as ball retrievers.
  • Remind coaches not to make player interchanges unless the referee has acknowledged it.
  • Ensure that subs wear bibs or similar, especially if they are standing.